New beer joint is slated to open this summer.

If you know about Tacoma’s Brewery Blocks development, you don’t need me to explain. If you do not, suffice it to say that it is a mixed-use real estate project that includes residential and retail properties, intermixed, in the part of town that was once home to the massive Heidelberg Beer production, packaging, and distribution facility. You know, down near what is now 7 Seas Brewing. Also, Camp Colvos Brewing has a taproom right there, as does Incline Cider. Other breweries are nearby.

The Brewery Blocks is now slated to get a self-serve taproom called The Living Room. The new 21+ taproom will feature 34 self-serve taps pouring beer, cider, wine, soda, nitro-coffee, and kombucha. Customers can browse the digital display at each tap to learn more about the product and the cost per ounce. (Pictured above, Colin and Andria Wunder, owners, in the space that will become The Living Room.)

Located at 2101 S C Street, The Living Room is scheduled to open in the late summer of 2022.

“In the past, I was more likely to order a glass of wine or cider as a safe bet, said Andria Wunder, one of the owners of The Living Room. “After visiting a self-serve taproom in the  Midwest, I was able to try small samplings based on what I was in the mood for. Being able to pour  myself small amounts and try different beers, while educating myself on the essence of each, allowed  me to learn what I liked to drink.”

“We want to create a positive guest experience for  each customer to enjoy whatever beverage they are in the mood for while sampling at their own pace.”  

When customers arrive at The Living Room, they will check in with the host and receive an RFID card that controls and monitors how much they pour. Using iPourIt technology, each beverage is billed per ounce, so customers can try small amounts before deciding to go for a bigger pour. Upon leaving, customers will check out and close their tab. 

Andria Wunder’s background in Hospitality Management drove the inspiration for the interior finishes of this  2,794 square foot space. Wanting to maintain a Pacific-Northwest vibe, the space will incorporate wood tones, a moss wall, indoor swings, and greenery to bring the great outdoors inside the taproom. The Living Room will also feature a year-round outdoor balcony and firepit. 

The Living Room will be a 21-and-older, pet-friendly establishment. They will encourage guests to bring in their own food or to order it from nearby restaurants.

About Brewery Blocks Tacoma – Horizon Partners Northwest has revitalized more than 11 buildings in Tacoma’s downtown core.  Brewery Blocks Tacoma is their current project – an estimated $125 million effort. Horizon Partners was recently awarded, by the City of Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission, the 2021 Award for  Excellence in Commercial Preservation for the restoration of the Hunt-Mottet Warehouse at Brewery  Blocks. Learn more at