A self-serve taproom is the latest tenant to lease space in Tacoma’s $125 million Brewery Blocks mixed-use development.

The Living Room will open in a 2,700-square-foot location at 2101 C St. this summer.

Andria Wunder, who owns the business with her husband, Colin, was motivated to open a self-serve tasting room in Tacoma after visiting one in the Midwest. The self-serve option made it easier for her to venture out of her tasting comfort zone.

“In the past, I was more likely to order a glass of wine or cider as a safe bet,” Wunder said in a release. “After visiting a self-serve taproom in the Midwest, I was able to try small samplings based on what I was in the mood for. Being able to pour myself small amounts and try different beers, while educating myself on the essence of each, allowed me to learn what I liked to drink. We want to create a positive guest experience for each customer to enjoy whatever beverage they are in the mood for while sampling at their own pace.”

The Living Room will offer 34 taps from which patrons can pour anything from 1-ounce samples to full-size drinks. Choices will include beer, wine, ciders, soda, kombucha, nitro coffee and other nonalcoholic options. The establishment will use technology that tracks the amount poured and charge customers at the end of their visit.

The space, which will have Pacific Northwest decor, will include a year-round outdoor balcony and fire pit. No food will be served, but patrons are welcome to bring comestibles from outside. The taproom will operate six days a week and will be open to patrons 21 years old and up.

The taproom is one of the final tenants to take space in phase one of the Brewery Blocks, said Mike Bartlett, founder and CEO of Horizon Partners Northwest, which is developing the project. The first phase opened in 2019.

The last space to lease is a 2,800-square-foot restaurant area, complete with a grease trap and to-code restrooms, Bartlett said, adding “We are just waiting for things to get back to normal.”

He plans to add more phases to the development in the future. Once complete, the Brewery Blocks is expected to have 325,000 square feet of residential, office and retail space.

Horizon Partners is a Tacoma-based development company that entered the market over 20 years ago. Its portfolio includes 11 Tacoma buildings.

Bartlett has long been aware of Tacoma’s potential with its historic buildings, but it just took time for the rest of the development community to catch up.