A new taproom, The Living Room, is debuting at Brewery Blocks this summer.

Located at 2101 C Street, The Living Room will offer about 34 taps featuring beer, ciders, wine, soda, kombucha, nitro coffee, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

When customers arrive at the taproom, they will check in with the host and receive an RFID card that controls and monitors how much each person can pour into their glass. By using iPourIt technology, each beverage is billed per ounce, so customers can try small amounts before selecting.

Upon leaving The Living Room, customers will check out similarly to how they would when closing a tab at any other bar.

“In the past, I was more likely to order a glass of wine or cider as a safe bet,” Andria Wunder, who owns the taproom alongside her husband, Colin Wunder, said in a press release. “After visiting a self-serve taproom in the Midwest, I was able to try small samplings based on what I was in the mood for. Being able to pour myself small amounts and try different beers, while educating myself on the essence of each, allowed me to learn what I liked to drink.”

Wunder has a professional background in hospitality management that influenced how she chose to decorate the 2,794 square-foot space, which adopts a Pacific Northwest-influenced aesthetic. The space incorporates design features that bring the outdoors in such as a moss wall, indoor swings, and greenery. There also will be a year-round outdoor balcony and fire pit.

The Living Room also is a pet-friendly space and plans to be open six days a week to customers 21 and over. In addition to tasting, the venue can be rented by private parties.

“We want to create a positive guest experience for each customer to enjoy whatever beverage they are in the mood for while sampling at their own pace,” Wunder said in the release.